About Us

Where It All Began

"The mobile home revolves in the sky" Clayton's "big sign" for years. Image circa 1976

The year was 1966 when Jim Clayton's big moment arrived. He and his brother Joe had been hard at work with their car business when Jim was struck with an idea that would eventually pave the way for today's largest homebuilder in the nation.

With $25,000 and an old drive-in on Clinton Highway, he began building his empire.

In the Beginning...

"Claytonville" on Clinton Highway 1975

Having no office or any experience with selling manufactured housing (other than helping some college friends sell their mobile homes upon leaving Knoxville), Jim found a home manufacturer that needed someone to market their product. The timing couldn’t have been better. Within weeks the deals were made, the sign was erected, and business had begun. With Jim being a local celebrity and the South being the leader in manufactured home sales, he had a recipe for success. In no time business boomed, and the little old drive-in became known as The Big Lot.


Dolly Parton performed on the Clayton television show several times in the late 60s

Jim, being a jack-of-all-trades, had also showcased his musical talent on the incredibly popular television show, Startime.

It was through his love of music that Jim ingeniously found a way to drive traffic to his home center.

People came from near and far, lining their cars along Clinton Highway, to hear the likes of Dolly Parton and the Kountry King Band.

Sales hit all time highs with over 700 homes sold yearly for five years straight, and on one particular Saturday, a remarkable 18 homes were sold.


Early single section home 1975

Times were more than good, and for forty years the sight of the revolving mobile home in the sky marked the spot where you could find a quality-built home and salespeople who cared. The sign and the times have since changed, but the essence of Clayton Homes still resides at Clinton Highway.

Continuing The Tradition

Today’s manufactured home, built in 2010

Today, Clayton Homes of Knoxville, managed by Roger Alexander, offers quality modular and manufactured housing at an affordable price and continues to be one of the top selling retail centers in
the nation.

Roger and his staff proudly operate the largest Clayton dealer in the Southeast with 20-25 new models on display at all times, including the largest selection of finished drywall homes in inventory. Their number one goal is to make the process of buying a home as smooth as possible. In an effort to do so, their home center offers a full time project manager and two full time service technicians that are involved from start to finish. Achieving 5-Star Customer Service status each year, and an average of 100 homes sold per year there is little doubt to
their success.

Jim Clayton began opening doors to a better life in 1966 and two generations later, Roger and his team are continuing his dedication to quality and exceptional service...one home at a time.

Clayton Homes of Knoxville offers land and home opportunities in the following counties in Tennessee:
Knox, Blount, Sevier, Claiborne, Union, Campbell, Anderson, Grainger, Jefferson, Greene, Scott, Loudon, Roane, Cumberland, Morgan, McMinn, Rhea, Monroe, and Cocke. As well as areas in Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.

Roger Alexander

Clayton Homes of Knoxville is now the home of Roger. He takes great pride in his Home Center, and was, in fact, born on the day
it opened!

You can expect great customer service from Roger. He has over 20 years of experience opening doors to home ownership, and he promises to serve his customers in the 5 Star Service way he always has.

We work hard to accommodate all types of situations and budgets.

  • Access to Hundreds of Floor Plans
  • Foreclosure & Pre-Owned Inventory
  • Land/Home Packages
  • Relocation Services
  • Insurance Options
  • Turn-Key Packages
  • Cash Savings on Shipping & Construction
  • First Time Home Buyer Programs
  • Extended Home Warranties
  • Free Mobile Home Appraisals
  • Trade Option (including boats, RVs, etc...)
  • Work With Up To 20 Lenders
  • Home Purchase Options
  • Home Customization