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Customer on their porch.

In 1969, a lifelong Clayton Homes customer was born – only he didn't know it at the time.

40 years later, this same man returned here to purchase his second Clayton home. As any good shopper does, Mr. Inman spent some time shopping around comparing prices, but in the end he came back to what he knew – he was a satisfied customer four decades prior with a company he's grown to trust. Plain and simple, Mr. Inman is proud that our staff "did him right" on his first home purchase.

“I would recommend Clayton over any of them that I've visited. Most of them I went to were Clayton, but I ended up back at Clinton Highway and getting the same one I looked at first.”

Customer's Home

We visited Mr. Inman recently to hear his story. Relaxed on his spacious back deck with a stunning view of the Smoky Mountains, we asked why he opted for a manufactured home as opposed to a site-built home. Mr. Inman explained, "It's the way they are built. I just wanted to do a home the way I wanted it to be.

I was going to build a stick-built house, but they can't touch it." And then, as if trying to further convince us of the quality we build, he remarked "this home... there was no way they could touch it for the price."

Customer's Home

The Inman family enjoys the roominess that their open floor plan offers and explained "that's what really sold" them on their Clayton Home. Over the years they have invested in their home and added on a two-car garage, a large back deck with a gazebo, and picturesque landscaping for that finished look. He and his wife are more than happy with their home and feel it's perfect for their needs.

In fact, Mr. Inman believes Clayton homes are so perfect that he has brought his daughter over to Clinton Highway to begin looking for her own home.

Our customers are
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